And here, at long last, is the most important lesson I’ve learned over my 40 years of life.  It’s a lesson that gets reinforced constantly…

#1  Surround yourself with people who are FOR YOU.   So many people are jealous of others’ success or happiness.   Then there are those who pretend to be good friends, when it benefits them, but, when push comes to shove, aren’t there when they are needed.  And many people treat those who are nicest to them very badly, abusing their kindness and preying on their giving nature.   But, once you sort through all those folks, there are people who always will support you, who will do whatever they can to make sure you do well and who are genuinely excited for your success.  Hold these people close to you, and let them know how important they are by being one of those people for them.   With this support, all of you will achieve so much more than any one of you could on your own.

I am literally surrounded by people who are for me. I am so fortunate and so grateful.