My Halloween recap conveniently happened the last week before the merge.  Check it out…

…including my amazing Halloween makeup job!


This was the final week before the merge. And Halloween!

  Episode 6:

Pre-Merge Maneuvers


The game is underway, and some people are already playing too hard. Gotta “fix your face,” as I say….


Ep. 2: Face Time


SURVIVOR is like a 3-ring circus….literally.  Find out what “acts” I think are featured this season.

Also….tribute to a fallen SURVIVOR, burning questions for this season, and the Wearer of the Week.



My first recap for  the new season of SURVIVOR.

Officially, the title is “SURVIVOR: San Juan del Sur”,

but it’s better known as “Blood Vs Water 2”

Episode 1: Third Times the Charm? :104953_d1022b_2

We meet the 18 new players and discover many new twists, and then get our first blindside of the season.  It’s a jam-packed premiere!