The game is underway, and some people are already playing too hard. Gotta “fix your face,” as I say….


Ep. 2: Face Time


SURVIVOR is like a 3-ring circus….literally.  Find out what “acts” I think are featured this season.

Also….tribute to a fallen SURVIVOR, burning questions for this season, and the Wearer of the Week.



My first recap for  the new season of SURVIVOR.

Officially, the title is “SURVIVOR: San Juan del Sur”,

but it’s better known as “Blood Vs Water 2”

Episode 1: Third Times the Charm? :104953_d1022b_2

We meet the 18 new players and discover many new twists, and then get our first blindside of the season.  It’s a jam-packed premiere!


Happy Birthday To Me!

In the hour before I turn 42, I look back on a year in which I worked on my own stuff, a little quieter than normal. I have become a better writer, a better tutor, and a better son. I am working on being a better brother, best friend, and auditioner. I have spent some time taking care of me, and learning to balance my needs with my need to care about others. I enter my 43rd year of life recommitted to myself and my talents, open and available personally and professionally, and continually grateful for all I have and all I am able to do. From friends appearing on the Tony’s and my favorite TV shows to a roommate who continues to remind me how good people can be to parents who started my year off with an original song and continue to be my biggest fans to everyone who reads my posts, watches my videos, or sends me positive thoughts and love, I am contantly inspired and touched by all of you. Thank you, I love you, and let the foolishness continue!


Another blindside made this an exciting episode…

Epi104359_d5184b_1sode 8: Off-Balance