The Opening of “BITTER-ER: Hobbits, Divas and Slaves.”

In 2005, I started working with Brian Nash on my shows. “BITTER-ER: Hobbits, Divas and Slaves” was my last show at the Duplex, and really established my cabaret style. I addressed issues of race, trying not to be too heavy-handed. And I got my Mom to join in….this is the opening sequence (with some pre-show)….

“Kindness Makes Me Cry”

This song was written by the woman who directed this show, and won a MAC Award as Best Song of the Year.  I’m so grateful that Maria Gentile let me sing it!

New show in one week!


First performance is one month from today…Start making your reservations!


LRR: “Mother warned me never to stray from the path.”

 B: “The path has strayed from you.”

— The Baker to Little Red Riding Hood,
 explaining why  plans must change.

My busy week…

So, I’ve been rehearsing and preparing for a couple fun projects this week. All in addition to posting my latest “Obsessed” video….

Monday night, I’ll be performing one of composer Seth Bisen-Hersh’s songs in the 4th Annual Broadway Meows benefit show. Some of my other talented friends are in it, too, so it should be a fun evening.

Wednesday morning I film a brief scene for a student short film.  It’ll be my first on-camera acting gig, so I’m pretty excited!

And Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings are the first full performances of BORN BLUE a new musical written by my fellow RENT cast member Caren Lyn Tackett.  Anthony Rapp directs us in a full production at The New Cutting Room, after years of watching Caren write this and doing various readings.  The cast is ridiculously talented, the story is unlike anything you’ve seen, and the songs are so good that I’ve been listening to them since the last reading I did two years ago, before I even knew I was cast in this production.  Come check it out!

Lots of work, none of it really paying.  The rewarding life of the BUPE!