As I approached my 40th birthday this year,  I started realizing that certain themes have been repeated in my life.  So, I started jotting them down, and made this list.  As I started releasing them to the world a few at a time, people seemed to respond well to the list, and even sharing it, so hopefully I’ve done some good for someone – either because they identified with something, because they were able to have a chuckle about something that reminded them of themselves or a friend, or because they just needed to be reminded of something they most likely already knew. (All of these things happened to me).  I thought I’d do a short summary list here.  You can look for the individual entry on my blog for an expanded explanation of each entry.  And feel free to share this with anyone who might enjoy it.

Thanks for indulging me.   I’ll see you with more entries on another birthday.  You are all BUPErstars to me!

And, as always, Make Good Choices!


#40  Hot people get away with a lot.

#39  Make your health a priority.

#38  When it comes to the human body, there are no absolute, universal truths, so no diet or drug or exercise regimen is the best for everyone.

#37  “I miss you” on your Facebook wall doesn’t really mean that.

#36  Not everybody needs to know everything.

#35  The holidays should be about more than stress over shopping.

#34  A small show of support for a friend means so much to them and requires pretty little of you..

#33  My Mom was right more often than I give her credit for.

#32  Self-awareness is such an underrated trait, and one that is not seen nearly enough.

#31  A victim mentality self-perpetuates.

#30  You can dislike something while fully realizing its value and its importance to others.

#29  Call someone instead of sending a ridiculous number of texts.

#28  Nobody should feel scared about going to the gym.

#27  People who are doing well rarely talk about their own accomplishments

#26  Always bring a cell phone charger and/or spare battery with you.

#25  A simple apology goes a long way.

#24  It is REALLY difficult to be the messiest person at the club.

#23  Everyone should see Tina Turner in concert at least once.

#22  You can do almost anything as long as there’s an end date.

#21  Back up things – not just computer files – regularly.

#20  See your parents as real people once you’ve grown (and thank them!)

#19  Don’t base every decision on money.

#18  Spend time alone.

#17  Stereotypes exist.  It isn’t right or fair, but know this information and use it.

#16  Deee-Lite’s 1990 hit “Groove Is In the Heart” will pick up most any party.

#15  Everyone is attractive to some people, and not to others.

#14  Some people have a lot of free time on their hands.  Utilize these people when you can, ignore them when you need to.

#13  People think really highly of those who make them laugh or just make them happy.

#12  If you mess up, fess up.  Own up to your actions.

#11  Take the time to listen to people’s stories.  We all have something interesting to tell.

#10  Cut crazy out of your life quickly.

#9  Don’t judge other people’s bad habits.

#8  Everyone takes their own route to get to where they are supposed to be, with no preset timeline.

#7  Go with your gut.

#6  You never know who’s watching, and who you could be inspiring or influencing.  Act accordingly.

#5  Don’t be too proud to be wrong, or at least agree to disagree.

#4  Say (an informed) “Yes!” a lot.

#3  Other people’s opinions of you are not your responsibility, especially people who you don’t really care about or even know.

#2  Value yourself.

#1  Surround yourself with people who are FOR YOU.