Every summer, this one house on Fire Island displays plastic flamingos in various situations. This year, in honor of the Oz-themed Pines Party, they outdid themselves…

THE 35 second WIZARD OF OZ



The final episode of Season 30 had some nail biting moments, but the Reunion show had the biggest surprises…the reveal of the cast for SURVIVOR 31!

Finale: Unbuttoning the Collars


Agonizing decisions, mysterious advantages, hidden idols — this season’s penultimate episode had it all.   The new SURVIVOR Reward Challenge record that was set was not even close to being the most exciting thing that happened.

Episode 12: Taking s30_ep13_sg_d017Advantage


s30_ep12_sg_d022During this week when we celebrate mothers, it’s only fitting that SURVIVOR’s resident “Mama” made big moves.

Episode 11: Mama Will Provide



Oh the deception! Manipulation of people through manipulation of the truth was the order of business this episode.


Episode 10: Tribe Bluffs