My mom’s mom, Julieta Ramos, turned 100 this past month! The whole family gathered to celebrate, and I made her this video (and song) for the event… She looks amazing!


The Finals of the SMULE Disney competition tasked us with writing a Disney Parody. I previously placed third in a parody writing competition, so this was in my wheelhouse. When I came upon the topic of everything Disney owns, the perfect song came to me. With an extra week for this assignment, I had research and rhyming to do and came up with this…




Coming off a string of well-received performances in the SMULE Disney Competition, maybe a stumble was inevitable.  It came in Week 6, which had a Duets theme.  I recorded while travelling, and my partner and I didn’t do anything spectacular with our song.  But my contribution was enough to get me to the semifinals, and I knew I had to do something really good.  The Final 10 were each given a decade from which to pick a song from a Disney movie.  I got the 1980s.  If you know Disney history, the 80s were not cute in terms of movies and the music in them, until THE LITTLE MERMAID in 1989.  But I discovered the pop music stylings of OLIVER AND COMPANY, and a song sung by Ruth Pointer from the Pointer Sisters, a group I loved.  I added an original rap during the bridge, earning 2nd place and a trip to the Final Round.  I love how some of it synced with the movie in the video I made…



A few weeks ago I entered another one of my SMULE online karaoke competitions, this one all Disney music. Week 1, my group’s challenge was to sing from MARY POPPINS. Not wanting to do too much of an accent, I sang “Sister Suffragette” and was on the Judges’ Favorites List. Week Two had a “Love Song” theme. Here’s my entry, which received a perfect score, and a little video I made to go with it.



An early merge shakes things up…maybe too much for some contestants.


Ep. 7: The Truth Shall Set You Free