Toby Blackwell is available to work for you! Experienced in both cabaret-style and strictly vocal performance, he will tailor an act to suit your needs. His wide repertoire of pop, R&B, Broadway, country and standards is perfect for weddings, corporate functions, parties, or any other event where live music would make the moment more memorable. Singing with live musicians, live piano, or backing tracks, Toby will deliver a performance perfect for your situation, one sure to be remembered long after he is finished. An experienced comedian, Toby is also an excellent host for any event.

Toby is well-known for his song parodies, and can be commissioned to write and/or perform one at your function. Provide him with relevant information on the subject to be roasted, and he will make the event extra special with a hilarious original song. Or, he can easily perform one of his previously written parodies on a number of topics.

Toby is also available to help you with your own cabaret show. He can provide advice on repertoire selection, theme, and patter. He will use his own experience as a cabaret performer and audience member to help you find your voice, decide what works and what doesn’t, and design a show that is entertaining for your audience and truly reflects you.

Toby has performed at numerous events and in many venues worldwide, and can provide a sample repertoire and references. To learn more about Toby Blackwell’s upcoming performances, to discuss having Toby perform in your cabaret room or theater, to hire Toby to help you with your own show, or to book him for your event, please complete the form below…